Personal Injury Claims & Litigation

Personal Injury Claims & Litigation

The firm handles almost all types of personal injury, both plaintiff and defense, providing a greater depth of understanding of the critical issues and strategies.

  • Product liability
  • Public entity defense
  • Motor vehicle
  • Animal liability
  • Assaults and civil rights violations

Vehicle Accidents

There is a saying that all accidents are preventable. On the streets and highways, when a collision occurs, it is almost always due to someone's lack of caution. The result can be a common rear-ender or it can be catastrophic, requiring accident reconstruction and human factors experts, life care planners, etc. The firm has developed particular expertise in the following related subjects:

  • Trucking and allegations of violation of Department of Transportation regulations as contributing to a cause of a collision
  • Fog and dust storm cases
  • Punitive damages allegations

Product Liability

Claims arising from injury allegedly due to an unsafe product or labeling. These claims are highly technical and frequently involve significant injuries. Effective case management is necessary.

The firm has handled product liability defense for clients including Detroit Diesel, Freightliner, Tru-Temper, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Frontier Industrial Technology. In the area of premises liability, it has represented Pep Boys, Denny's Restaurants, Yosemite Concession Services, Food 4 Less.

Public Entities

Claims arising from the alleged use of excessive force by law enforcement or unlawful discrimination by a governmental entity. Primarily filed in federal court, these cases involve significant legal issue as well as highly contentious factual disputes.

Representative Matters

  • Represented ambulance company which plaintiff alleged was negligent in transfer resulting in fractured hip. Demand of $400,000. Two week trial in Stanislaus County resulting in defense verdict.

  • Represented boat owner following boating accident on river resulting in one death and one serious injury.  Demand of $2.5 million; settled for $1.1 million.

  • Represented trucking company after big rig lost brakes on SR-99 striking 4 vehicles.  14 personal injury claimants.  All settled at mediation for $2.5 million less than settlement authority.

  • Represented public entity.  Armored truck collided with vehicle with 5 passengers resulting in one death and several serious injuries.  Plaintiff claimed traffic volumes etc. warranted a protected left turn.  Six week trial resulting in defense verdict.

  • Represented homeowner who was intoxicated and cleaning a gun when it discharged and killed 28 year old housekeeper.  Parents sued including claim for punitive damages.  Case settled for $500,000.  Policy limits were $1.5 million.

  • Big rig collision involving tractor-trailers, resulting in death of church bus driver fueling bus on side of highway.  Plaintiffs sought $11,000,000.  Two week trial resulting in verdict of $7,284,230 with apportionment to our client of 25%.

  • Plaintiff sustained CRPS to dominant hand after dog bite. 39 year old plaintiff claimed fully, permanently disabled and sought $1.2-$3.2 million in economic damages. Six day jury trial in Fresno with verdict of $171,282.

  • Dog bite: 5 year old bitten on cheek. Visible 2" scarring not revisable. Demand $150,000; offer $100,000. Tried in Tulare county resulting in verdict of $6,000.

  • Represented general contractor in case involving alleged negligent construction.  Ditch left in underpass at newly constructed high school.  40 year old ER physician on bicycle hit ditch and fractured both elbows.  Two mediations.  Demands of $5-6 million; settled for $1.1 million. 

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