Hospitality & Premises Lawsuits

Claims arising from injury allegedly due to the unsafe condition of property, whether it be the classic "slip and fall" or a dog bite, sport or the criminal activity of another person. The injured party must prove the property was unsafe and that the owner either crated the condition or failed to take the opportunity to warn or remedy the situation.

The firm routinely handles all these types of cases. Its clients have included Pep Boys, Denny's Restaurants, Yosemite Concession Services, Food 4 Less.

Hospitality & Premises Lawsuits

  • Recreational activity liability avoidance
  • Guest activity risks and claims
  • Common area use disputes
  • Animal liability and related issues
  • Religious organization defense

Representative Matters

  • Restaurant patron slipped and fell, claimed floor was dangerous.  Fractured patella with economic damages of $150,000.   Case settled for $75,000.

  • Restaurant patron slipped and fell, claimed caused by puddle on floor.  $22,000 in economic damages; case settled for $30,000.

  • Plaintiff claimed landlord/property management failed to cure dangerous condition (open trench) in back yard.  Economic damages of $8,100; settlement of $15,500.

  • Represented public entity sued when a guest at a meeting facility owned by the entity was shot and killed in the parking lot.  Plaintiffs claimed negligent supervision.  Decedent was a 38 year old employed father of two.  Initial demand of $1.5 million; settled for $90,000

  • Represented national park concessionaire after intra-premises tram ran off road.  Plaintiff 50 year old accountant sustained permanent neck injury and traumatic brain injury.  Settled for $1.5 million.

  • Restaurant patron slipped and fell, claimed floor was dangerous.  Five day Fresno County jury trial concluded with defense verdict.

  • Plaintiff claimed apartment complex responsible for a tenant's dog jumping out of window and biting in face. Case settled for $1,750.

  • Represented owner of facility where plaintiff delivery driver slipped on cluttered deck. Spinal and head injuries. Demand of $500,000. Two weeks trial in Fresno County resulting in defense verdict.

  • Represented department store where mannequin fell on plaintiff who claimed spinal and shoulder injuries.  Two week trial in Kern County resulting in defense verdict.

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