Business Disputes & Litigation

Former employee sued for unfair competition.  Case resolved by surrender of certain business properties and contracts.

Obtained verdict for senior partner in accountancy partnership dissolution dispute.

Represented county enforcing violation of subdivision map act RICO resulting in a $250,000 settlement. 

Represented an irrigation company in alleged property damage litigation, achieving a settlement of $6,500 after a demand of $72,000. 

Represented manufacturer of hammer which Plaintiff alleged was defectively manufactured causing metal particle to release, resulting in blindness in one eye.  Tried in Fresno County resulting in defense verdict.

Obtained directed verdict defending property owner in real property fire loss case.

Obtained settlement of $92,000 for irrigation company sued for $192,000 in crop loss matter. 

Represented tractor-trailer manufacture in admitted manufacturing defect case involving side grip on cab failure.  Plaintiff sustained shoulder injury requiring surgery.  Plaintiff claimed he could no longer work as truck driver.  Lowest demand $500,000.  Case settled on third day of trial for $100,000.

Represented regional ambulance/emergency medicine company.  Family sued over death of 38 year old who choked on food and died.  Plaintiffs claimed EMT mis-intubated decedent.  Liability disputed.  Lowest demand pre-mediation $1 million plus.  Case settled at mediation $125,000.

Obtained settlement of $25,000 for real property appraiser, after a demand of $140,000.

Represented seller of horse sued after potential buyer bucked off horse, sustained head laceration, concussion and fractured wrist.  Plaintiff hospitalized for three days.  Claimed PTSD and traumatic brain injury.  Plaintiff claimed past economic damages of $210,000; settled for $35,000. 

Represented self-insured machinery manufacturing company, obtaining settlement of $47,000 after demand of $100,000 in defective product litigation. 

Plaintiff injured as passenger in real estate agent’s car when agent suffered seizure and lost consciousness.  Plaintiff claimed six surgeries, PTSD, loss of future income resulting with $125,000 in medical expenses.  Case settled two days before trial for $650,000.

Represented religious organization in action against public entity, obtaining a settlement of $65,000 for property damage claim. 

Skip loader tire exploded as Plaintiff walked by, resulting in crush injury to knee.  A complicated recovery resulted in permanent fully disability. Plaintiff claimed tire service company was negligent in its maintenance of the tires and responsible for tire explosion and his damages.  Five day jury trial in Kern County concluded with a defense verdict.

Represented numerous subcontractors in construction defects litigation. 

Represented traffic safety company in OSHA enforcement actions, achieving reduced findings. 

Electrical sub’s employee fell through hole on job site and sued various other sub contractors and general.  Broken arm and significant head and arm lacerations.  HVAC contractor, general and other contractors resolved case with plaintiff; case by general against contractor dismissed without contribution or indemnity.

Obtained a $250,000 verdict, plus punitive damages, for an employer in trade secret matter. 

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