business litigation 

  • Former employee sued for unfair competition.  Case resolved by surrender of certain business properties and contracts.

  • Obtained verdict for senior partner in accountancy partnership dissolution dispute.


  • Represented ranchers in litigation achieving settlements alleging personal injury and property damages from escaped livestock. 

  • Represented dairy in wage and hour enforcement hearings, achieving reduced findings.

personal injury 

  • Represented ambulance company which plaintiff alleged was negligent in transfer resulting in fractured hip. Demand of $400,000. Two week trial in Stanislaus County resulting in defense verdict.

  • Represented boat owner following boating accident on river resulting in one death and one serious injury.  Demand of $2.5 million; settled for $1.1 million.

premises liability 

  • Restaurant patron slipped and fell, claimed floor was dangerous.  Fractured patella with economic damages of $150,000.   Case settled for $75,000.

  • Restaurant patron slipped and fell, claimed caused by puddle on floor.  $22,000 in economic damages; case settled for $30,000.

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